Canadian Institute of Mining Annual Virtual Convention CIM 2021

PTAG’s, Feroz Ashraf has been invited by Canadian Institute of Mining to present at their upcoming May 3rd virtual annual convention CIM 2021 on two topics: “The Importance of Front-End Planning and Leveraging Industry Best Practices to Minimize Project Risk” and “How to Plan and Execute Capital Projects in Volatile and Uncertain Times.”

Feroz will walk you through a direct and to-the-point presentation providing practical step-by-step approaches and validated examples. You will get a chance to engage with Feroz in the post-presentation Q&A session and to network with him at this virtual convention. This four-day event will have many thought leaders and keynote speakers presenting CIM community’s best content.

The presentations will focus on below key areas:

  • Challenges faced by the Mining Industry during Covid-19 and in general.
  • Top reasons why projects go off-track.
  • Front-End Planning – what, why, how? and Leveraging Industry Best Practices.
  • Rigorous staged-gate process to minimize project risks.
  • Learn how and when to use Construction Industry Institute (CII) Front-End Planning tools, such as the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) to determine the “state of readiness” and “maturity level” of your project to assure better outcomes.
  • Review how to assess the Project Complexity Index and Maturity Levels– and to adapt the Execution Plan accordingly to optimize the contracting strategy and minimize execution risk.
  • Determine why Initial Project Set-up and a focussed List of Deliverables are important for team alignment.
  • Review why consistent Project Controls and Risk Analysis methodology is critical.
  • Learn how a simplified, interactive Project Management & Project Controls Handbook – is a key to Project Management and Delivery Success.
  • Look into Integrated Project Management Structure and Systems – I2PD for enhanced risk-sharing and collaboration.
  • Understand why an Integrated Project Execution Plan (IPEP) is a roadmap to success.

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CII Contract Strategy Virtual Summit

Our thought leaders Bruce Burwell & Michael Dubreuil will be featured subject matter experts on May 25th and the 26th as the Construction Industry Institute (CII) present their first-ever Contract Strategy Virtual Summit, focused on exploration of – and recommendations around – traditional and collaborative contracting models for the construction project owner and their contractors and suppliers.

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PTAG Presentation on I2PD for the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) Conference hosted by OCNI

In this webinar recap, join Bruce Burwell as he presents at the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) Conference hosted by OCNI on Industrial Integrated Project Delivery (I2PD).

I2PD is defined as the balancing of nine principles to promote team collaboration and integration of work processes and systems.

COMMERCIAL IPD -Collaboration Principles

1.Continuous Communication and Issue Resolution Process

2.Jointly Developed and Validated Targets

3.Access to Shared Information Systems

4.Early Involvement of Stakeholders

5.Collaborative and Equitable Decision Making

ALLIANCING – Integration Principles

6.Financial Transparency among Key Participants

7.Shared Risk and Reward

8.Relational Contracting, Multi-party Agreement

9.Negotiated Risk Distribution

Webinar Recap – I2PD, a delivery model for quickly planning and executing capital projects

Listen in to this video recap, as PTAG principals Bruce Burwell and Michael Dubreuil deliver a brief online seminar to learn about Integrated Industrial Project Delivery (I2PD).

With the advent of COVID-19, and resulting government stimulus, I2PD is a good candidate for quickly planning and executing capital projects as government and industry relaunch the global economy.

PTAG will be providing a short but thorough look at this new Project Delivery Model from the Construction Industry Institute (CII).

Interested in downloading the slide deck? Click here for Direct Download.

Originally recorded: August 11th, 2020

I2PD, a delivery model for quickly planning and executing capital projects

Join Bruce Burwell and Michael Dubreuil 1pm EDT, August 11th, 2020 for a brief online seminar to learn about Integrated Industrial Project Delivery (I2PD).