CNA Annual Conference 2017

We are excited to exhibit at the CNA Conference again this year and to be part of the conversation on “Mission Possible: Innovation for a Cleantech Future.”

Canada has long been a leader in nuclear innovation, providing clean energy for sustainable development, both domestically and internationally, through Canadian-developed nuclear reactor technology and fuel from uranium resources. Today, the world needs low-carbon solutions to ensure the health and well-being of the planet and its citizens. Little wonder, then, that many people are calling for a cleantech, clean energy future.

But do we have the technology and resources to meet the climate challenge in the short time we have? What will nuclear energy’s role be in getting to the low-carbon economy of the future? What other proven clean energy system such as nuclear can scale up and decarbonisation down with the rapidity we need? The Mission is possible – but is there the will to see it through?

Explaining, clarifying, presenting the solutions offered by nuclear innovation and advanced technologies is required today more than ever. Policy-makers and the public need to get factual information for informed perspectives and decision-making, if nuclear’s real and potential contribution to reducing GHG emissions and providing reliable, clean energy is to be understood.

Get your tickets here. See you there!