SMR & Advanced Reactor 2024

Join PTAG in Atlanta for the SMR & ADVANCED REACTOR 2024 Conference

PTAG’s Michael Dubreuil, Michael McBean and Andrew Dewey will be participating in the SMR conference May 1-2, 2024, in Atlanta, USA.

Over the span of two days, we look forward to gaining crucial insights into overcoming barriers in the supply chain, resource allocation, financing, regulatory compliance, and licensing. This gathering presents a prime platform to kickstart the deployment of SMR & AR technologies, leveraging collaborative momentum to propel us toward the realization of commercial-scale new nuclear projects.

By 2030, the market valuation of SMR & AR technologies is poised to reach $18.8 billion, bringing deployment tantalizingly close. With the first contract already secured, the onus now falls on the next generation of SMR & AR leaders to clinch subsequent contracts, swiftly follow suit, and capitalize on the burgeoning nuclear landscape.

In the context of pressing decarbonization targets and the imperative of energy security, collaboration is paramount from executive suites to project teams. No single government, organization, or enterprise can seize this opportunity in isolation. Reuters Events: SMR & Advanced Reactor 2024 serves as the nexus where over 600 nuclear innovators, spanning utilities, investors, reactor developers, technology firms, and regulators, converge to unlock the vast potential of this multi-billion-dollar industry.