SMR & Advanced Reactor 2024

Join PTAG in Atlanta for the SMR & ADVANCED REACTOR 2024 Conference

PTAG’s Michael Dubreuil, Michael McBean and Andrew Dewey will be participating in the SMR conference May 1-2, 2024, in Atlanta, USA.

Over the span of two days, we look forward to gaining crucial insights into overcoming barriers in the supply chain, resource allocation, financing, regulatory compliance, and licensing. This gathering presents a prime platform to kickstart the deployment of SMR & AR technologies, leveraging collaborative momentum to propel us toward the realization of commercial-scale new nuclear projects.

By 2030, the market valuation of SMR & AR technologies is poised to reach $18.8 billion, bringing deployment tantalizingly close. With the first contract already secured, the onus now falls on the next generation of SMR & AR leaders to clinch subsequent contracts, swiftly follow suit, and capitalize on the burgeoning nuclear landscape.

In the context of pressing decarbonization targets and the imperative of energy security, collaboration is paramount from executive suites to project teams. No single government, organization, or enterprise can seize this opportunity in isolation. Reuters Events: SMR & Advanced Reactor 2024 serves as the nexus where over 600 nuclear innovators, spanning utilities, investors, reactor developers, technology firms, and regulators, converge to unlock the vast potential of this multi-billion-dollar industry.

PTAG Inc. Awarded Role as Collaborative Contracting Facilitator and Coach for NWMO’s Deep Geological Repository Project

TORONTO, Canada – February 26, 2024In a significant step forward for Canada’s plan to manage used nuclear fuel, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) has entrusted PTAG Inc. with the pivotal role of Collaborative Contracting Facilitator and Coach for its ground-breaking deep geological repository project. This project underscores a national commitment to the safe, long-term management of Canada’s used nuclear fuel, ensuring the protection of people and the environment for generations.

Recognizing the complexities inherent in Canada’s plan for used nuclear fuel, NWMO has adopted the Industrial Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) model, a method pioneered by the Construction Industry Institute (CII) in 2016, which emphasizes collaborative planning and execution. PTAG, having contributed to the development of Industrial IPD alongside global industry partners and academic leaders, brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record to the project.

Industrial IPD stands at the forefront of collaborative contracting, offering a framework that significantly enhances project outcomes through improved quality management, cost savings, and schedule performance. PTAG’s leadership in the first project utilizing Industrial IPD — a hydroelectric refurbishment in Ontario, Canada — showcases the tangible benefits of this approach, even in the face of challenges such as the pandemic and supply chain disruptions.

With a rich history of project management success with waste management, nuclear energy, and large-scale mining projects, PTAG is poised to leverage its global experience in collaborative contracting to the benefit of Canada’s plan. “We are extremely proud to support NWMO in implementing Industrial IPD for the project.” says Michael Dubreuil, Managing Partner at PTAG. “This partnership not only highlights our commitment to innovation in project delivery but also reinforces our dedication to enhancing industry standards and outcomes.”

The engagement of PTAG in Canada’s plan for used nuclear fuel not only marks a milestone in Canada’s approach to managing its used nuclear fuel but also signals a broader industry shift towards more collaborative, efficient, and sustainable project delivery methods. PTAG’s role as facilitator, trainer, and coach, sets a new benchmark for excellence in the execution of large, complex industrial projects across Canada and beyond.  

Webinar Recap – May 11, 2023: Collaborative Contracting for SMRs

On May 11, PTAG’s Collaborative Contracting subject matter experts, Michael Dubreuil and Bruce Burwell, hosted a highly informative and engaging webinar on Collaborative Contracting for SMRs.

They presented an update on how Collaborative Contracting is supporting early first-mover SMR projects in both the United States and Canada.

The world will increasingly rely on Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) to meet its emission targets as it transitions its sources of energy generation. Compared to other alternatives, SMRs provide a safer, more reliable, economical, and environmentally responsible alternative for industry and society.

The event brought together industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals from various industries, all eager to explore the latest trends and insights in Collaborative Contracting for SMRs.

In this webinar, Michael and Bruce discussed the key features and benefits of collaborative contracting and how it can address SMR development and deployment challenges and opportunities.

For those who missed the live event or wished to revisit the valuable discussions, we have uploaded the full webinar recap video. If you would like to learn more about how Collaborative Contracting can help your projects, or learn more about PTAG’s work supporting SMR first movers, please get in touch with us!

This is the recap video recording of the webinar, which was originally recorded on May 11, 2023.

Stay tuned for future webinars and industry updates from PTAG!

Industrial Integrated Project Delivery Implementation (I2PD)

In case you missed it, watch Michael Dubreuil and Bruce Burwell ’s panel discussion about Industrial Integrated Project Delivery Implementation (I2PD) from the 2022 Construction Industry Institute‘s Annual Conference in Cleveland, Ohio.

To learn more about Industrial Integrated Project Delivery Implementation (I2PD), please reach out to either Bruce or Michael:

Michael Dubreuil
Managing Partner, PTAG Inc.
Bruce Burwell
Partner, Capital Projects, PTAG Inc.