PTAG’s Commitment to Community: A Day of Giving Back with 360ºKIDS

At PTAG, we believe in the power of community and the impact that collective efforts can make in shaping a brighter future. As part of our ongoing commitment to support the communities in which we live and work, PTAG continues it’s partnership with 360ºKIDS, an organization dedicated to supporting homeless youth in York region, Ontario. In a hands-on initiative, members of our Markham team joined together for a fall clean-up at two 360 Kids housing properties.

With sleeves rolled up and a shared sense of purpose, PTAG volunteers enthusiastically embarked on a day of service.

Our mission: fall clean up the yards of two 360ºKIDS shelter house in Markham. The tasks at hand included raking, edging, trimming bushes, cutting the grass, and bagging over 50 bags of leaves and grass clippings.

PTAG volunteers came together to make this initiative a resounding success. Through shared effort and collaboration, the team not only tackled the practical aspects of the clean-up but also fostered a sense of camaraderie that made the entire experience both enjoyable and rewarding. Beyond the physical cleanup, our collective efforts contribute to providing a safe and welcoming environment for young individuals who are navigating challenging circumstances. It’s a tangible way for PTAG to demonstrate our commitment to social responsibility and community well-being.

While the day was filled with hard work, there were special moments that stood out. The laughter shared, the satisfaction of seeing a once-overgrown area restored to its beauty, and the realization that our actions directly benefit those in need—these are the moments that make initiatives like these truly meaningful.

To know more about 360ºKIDS visit their website: About Us – 360°kids (

Today and every day, Every Child Matters.

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is a day for all Canadians to commemorate the history and legacy of the residential school system.

On September 30th, Canadians observe the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. This important day was established to recognize and commemorate the legacy of the residential school system and its impact on Indigenous communities across the country. It is a day of reflection, learning, and commitment to reconciliation.

The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is a significant step forward in acknowledging the painful history of Canada’s residential schools and their ongoing impact on Indigenous communities. It is a day to remember, learn, and commit to the process of reconciliation. By embracing this day with an open heart and a willingness to understand, we can contribute to healing the wounds of the past and building a more inclusive and just future for all Canadians. Let us use this day as an opportunity to honor the truth, foster understanding, and work together toward a better tomorrow.

Wear Orange on September 30

The orange shirt is a symbol of the loss of culture, freedom, and self-esteem experienced by Indigenous children across generations, and Orange Shirt Day is an Indigenous-led grassroots Remembrance Day designed to promote the concept that “Every Child Matters.”

To honor the children who survived Indian Residential Schools and remember those who did not, many Canadians across the country wear an orange shirt.

The PTAG team stands in solidarity with the victims, survivors, their families, and the indigenous communities. We honor and respect this national day for Truth and Reconciliation and every day throughout the year. PTAG is a committed member of the Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program of the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business (CCAB). We understand our role in the society and as a business, we feel it’s our responsibility to help bring resources and educate the members of our indigenous community for them to prosper.

Reconciliation Starts with Education

Indigenous history: The history of Indigenous peoples in Canada, reconciliation and more.

Reconciliation: Learn how the Government of Canada is working to advance reconciliation and renew the relationship with Indigenous peoples, based on recognition of rights, respect, cooperation and partnership.

Watch the videos as survivors share their experiences and the importance of Truth and Reconciliation Day:

PTAG and 360°kids Partnership – Prevent and End Youth Homelessness

Support PTAG in Raising $200,000 for the 360°kids Newmarket Youth Hub!

Witnessing the harsh reality of youth homelessness and the troubling link to unemployment is disheartening. Too many young individuals are forced to confront this heartbreaking situation, often through circumstances beyond their control.

360°kids is a local registered charity dedicated to empowering vulnerable and homeless youth in York Region by providing housing, employment, education, and well-being supports. With similar core values to those at PTAG, we are providing our services, pro bono, to help 360°kids build an employment training facility in Newmarket.

One of the most successful programs at 360°kids is, the Every Bite Matters (EBM) program. A 14-week paid employment program for youth who face barriers to employment and have an interest in culinary skill development. A key component of the Every Bite Matters (EBM) program is having access to a commercial kitchen facility. The costs associated with building this functional teaching kitchen are substantial.

This is where your help comes in. We want you to join us in our efforts of raising $200,000 to fund this vital initiative to build this facility for the Every Bite Matters (EBM) program to help and empower young people.

Please take a moment to watch this video, and here from Josh.

‘The program offers paid training and a priceless opportunity to learn from experienced chefs (program staff). I appreciate the patience of the employment counselors. My favorite part of the program was delivering food to seniors and building relationships with them. Additionally, I gained valuable kitchen hygiene, knife skills, and multitasking abilities.’

Andrea, a youth who completed the pre-employment and culinary training 

Join us today by making a donation and helping us reach our goal of $200,000 for 360°kids! 

International Women’s Day 2023

Today, on International Women’s Day (March 8), we celebrate the incredible achievements and contributions of women all around the world. It is a global day celebrating the historical, cultural, and political achievements of women.

The Government of Canada’s theme for International Women’s Day (IWD) 2023 is Every Woman Counts.

It’s a reminder that all women, from all ages and walks of life, have a place in every aspect of Canadian society, including in the economic, social and democratic spheres.

PTAG is committed to creating workplace cultures where women’s careers thrive and their achievements are celebrated. It is an honor for us to celebrate the contribution of women to our company and to the world at large. Our appreciation goes out to their resourcefulness, resilience, and ingenuity.

We are proud to have women in leadership roles across our organization, who inspire and guide our teams to achieve success.

We also want to take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to gender equality, diversity, and inclusion. We will continue to work towards creating a more equitable and inclusive workplace, where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential.

Together, we can create a world where women can thrive, achieve their full potential, and contribute to a better future for all.

Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness about discrimination. Take action to drive gender parity.

Learn more!

Explore the Women of Impact in Canada gallery and the Women in Canadian History: A Timeline showcasing the achievements of Canadian women in various fields such as politics, sciences, and the arts.

“Energy Project Management Fundamentals” Course

In conjunction with Ontario Tech University’s TALENT, PTAG is pleased to deliver another edition of the “Energy Project Management Fundamentals” course.

The energy sector is rapidly evolving, and project delivery and efficient operations are vital to the future of energy development.

The course will run online for 6 weeks, led by PTAG’s Subject Matter Experts.


This course is designed to provide a learning pathway for those seeking project manager roles in the Energy sector. An Energy Project Manager is there to set up strategies and goals for the projects that matter most to the operations of an energy producer or stakeholder. They strive to create the timeline for the work as part of large refurbishment or maintenance projects, make sure the projects are carried out within the allocated budget, and oversee the work of the members of the project team. Working in this position, it will be your responsibility to supervise the work of contractors, suppliers, and others important to your organization and Project Management Offices.


In this 6-week course, you will address 12 distinct module (topic) areas, each delivered through a combination of online synchronous sessions, readings, and activities.

Module topics include:

  • Common Energy PM processes
  • Related Project tools for industry
  • Project integration and scope definition
  • Costing and Time estimation strategies
  • Quality and Human Resource management
  • Communication and Risk Management
  • Procurement and delivery methodologies

Throughout this 6-week course, your work will culminate with the development of an energy project plan and schedule which will be assessed by an expert Project Manager towards skills verification.

Upon successful completion of this micro credential, you will be awarded TALENT’s Digital Badge to enable you to effectively articulate this skill to employers.

For more information and to Register visit: Energy Project Management Fundamentals – Ontario Tech Talent

Some of our Subject Matter Experts delivering this course:

Michael Dubreuil
Managing Partner, PTAG Inc.
Bruce Burwell
Partner, Capital Projects, PTAG Inc.

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

It’s crucial to understand the importance of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and its role in the reconciliation process as September 30, 2022, approaches. The purpose of this day is to provide individuals with an opportunity to acknowledge and remember the terrible legacy of residential schools.

 For Survivors, September is a challenging month of the year. It is a heartbreaking reminder of the time of year when countless Indigenous children were forcibly taken from their homes, sent to residential schools, cut off from their relatives and communities, and stripped of their possessions.

It is vitally essential for all Canadians to learn about the Residential School System from Survivors, their families, communities, and others who have been impacted by it. The system kept children away from their families for long periods and banned them from acknowledging their Indigenous heritage, culture, or native language.

The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Day is an opportunity for all Canadians to learn, reflect and share what they can about the First Nations communities. Listening to and honoring Indigenous voices is fundamental to reconciliation, and that’s what today is all about.

Wear Orange on September 30

The orange shirt is a symbol of the loss of culture, freedom, and self-esteem experienced by Indigenous children across generations, and Orange Shirt Day is an Indigenous-led grassroots Remembrance Day designed to promote the concept that “Every Child Matters.”

It’s a time for us all to reflect on Canada’s residential school system’s impact on Indigenous Peoples, the indignity and suffering that Indigenous Peoples experienced in the past, and the resulting concerns they still face today. We’ll keep learning more about the history of Indigenous Peoples and finding out how we can help drive positive change.

The PTAG team stands in solidarity with the victims, survivors, their families, and the indigenous communities. We honor and respect this national day for Truth and Reconciliation and every day throughout the year. PTAG is a committed member of the Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program of the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business (CCAB). We understand our role in the society and as a business, we feel it’s our responsibility to help bring resources and educate the members of our indigenous community for them to prosper.

Today and every day, Every Child Matters.

Start your learning journey today!

The establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

The creation of the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation

Delivering on Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action (

Phyllis’ Story (

Watch Now !

UNO Award-winning artist Elisapie hosts a special that honors the perspectives of Indigenous Peoples affected by the tragedies of the residential school system in Canada, with musical tributes and ceremonies in Indigenous communities across the land.

It’s a Good Day to Be Indigenous, by Amanda Kahgee

By Amanda Kahgee

National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada is a day for many Canadians to learn about the country’s Indigenous Peoples; First Nations, Inuit, and Metis. It is an opportunity to learn about their histories and cultures.  However, for many of Canada’s Indigenous peoples, like myself, it is a reminder of our resilience to overcome the adversities of colonialism, oppression, and assimilation. It is a day for us to reclaim our identities through practicing our culture, ceremonies, experiences, and stories. It represents hope for our people’s future and the healing of our nations, and generations.

Join PTAG’s Ugo Santone for a Virtual Panel Discussion on Pathways to Employment in Project Management during Centennial College’s virtual conference.

In a continued effort to leverage our experience in project management to collaborate with our community members, PTAG has stepped up to be a part of Centennial College’s Career Services and Co-operative Education department’s Virtual Panel Discussion on Pathways to Employment in Project Management.

PTAG’s Partner of Professional Services and Talent Management Ugo Santone is pleased to be part of the panel alongside other industry experts and be amongst the aspiring students and recent graduates in the field of Project Management to share his extensive experience that will help young minds to launch their career in this field.

Ugo Santone is a Human Resources and Talent Management Professional with over 20 years of experience in business development, talent management & acquisition, operations, and human resources. He works closely with key stakeholders to lead project team development, establish an organizational structure, project planning, provide consulting on implementing Project Team Organizations, Resourcing Strategies, Resource Management, PMO & Construction Management Team development, and Onboarding & Mobilization for large scale Capital Projects both domestically and globally.

By engaging with the young minds who are interested in the path of Project Management by guiding them towards the appropriate channels and approaches, sharing day-to-day experiences at the job, and required skills in the industry these students can gain knowledge to build a good foundation towards launching a fruitful career.

Join this session on December 1st from 4 – 6 PM to gain knowledge from the experts that will help you launch your career in this field.

Save your spot and see more details of the program on HireCentennial.

Know more about the speaker:

PTAG partners with Ontario Tech University to prepare professionals in the application of Project Management concepts, tools, and processes in their work.

In coordination with Ontario Tech University, PTAG has developed a new course for master’s students and industry professionals. The course will run online for 6 weeks starting November 2nd.

Through this course, PTAG aims to support youth and those industry professionals seeking knowledge in the career path of Project Management. PTAG’s leaders with years of experience in project management and capital projects will be delivering the course at Ontario Tech University.