Collaborative contracting for Small Modular Reactors Webinar Recap- October 25, 2023

The world will increasingly rely on Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) to meet its emission reduction targets as it transitions its sources of energy generation. Compared to other generation alternatives, SMRs provide a safer, more reliable, economical, and environmentally responsible alternative for energy generation to supply industry and society.

In this webinar PTAG’s Michael Dubreuil and Bruce Burwell along their CII colleagues presented an update on how Industrial IPD (I2PD) and CII Best Practices are supporting early first-mover SMR projects in both the United States and Canada with growing international interest.

The following topics were discussed in this webinar:

  • The projected SMR market demand
  • Early adopters of Industrial IPD for SMRs
  • What are the key features and benefits of Industrial IPD
  • Several CII Best Practices that will help facilitate industry readiness

For those who missed the live event or wished to revisit the valuable discussions, we have uploaded the full webinar recap video.

This is the recap video recording of the webinar, which was originally recorded on October 25, 2023