About Us

Who We Are

PTAG is a capital program and project management services company providing its industrial clients with project advisory and management services and technology to materially improve the development, planning and execution of their sustaining and new capital and major project programs.  PTAG delivers its services globally using the latest industry best practices, such as Collaborative Contracting to ensure our clients projects meet their strategic business goals.

PTAG’s clients are Owners of Capital Assets in the Power Generation, Transmission, Oil & Gas, Mining & Resources and Heavy Infrastructure industries. PTAG’s Advisors and Project Managers are seasoned professionals who have developed planned and built industrial projects around the world. PTAG has offices in Houston, Toronto, and Calgary.


Our mission is to help our clients ensure successful delivery and efficient operation of their major capital projects. Our goal is to employ innovation and strategic thinking by capital project subject matter experts to deliver optimum results.


PTAG’s vision is to help our clients become global leaders in the planning and execution of their capital projects.

Core Values

PTAG’s dedication to our customers starts with our core values. We are committed to:

Safety: The safety of our employees, suppliers and clients is our top priority

Collaboration: Creating true partnerships with our clients and service providers

Leadership: Becoming leaders in our industry and in the communities where we work

Accountability: Being accountable to our clients for every aspect of an engagement

Client Satisfaction: Delivering 100% client satisfaction on every project

Integrity: Open and clear communication in every aspect of our business

What We Do

Our experienced professionals deliver project and program management results by implementing industry best practices in governance, planning, and execution, as an integrated part of an owner’s project team.

We work with industry professionals throughout the life cycle of a project and have a track record of success in the following key sectors:

  • Oil & Gas Pipelines and Facilities
  • Offshore / Onshore Oil & Gas Gathering, Processing and Treatment Plants
  • Open Pit Oil, SAGD and Insitu Sites
  • Petrochemical Processing and Industrial Plants
  • Power Generation Projects –  Nuclear, Thermal, Renewable and Hydroelectric
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Mining Resource Development and Construction
  • Transportation, Infrastructure and Mass Transit

PTAG has built a foundation based on a commitment to our client’s success. This foundation fosters strong strategic partnerships, innovative solutions and cutting edge technologies that result in a dedication to uncompromised service.

Accreditations and Associations