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Having the very best project teams at every phase of a project is no longer a luxury but a necessity in order to stay competitive in delivering capital projects

Heavy industry projects are ever more costly and complex with increasing regulatory and social license requirements. We assist our clients through all stages of project planning from concept development through feasibility, and front-end design. Our teams integrate with our client’s project teams to achieve the best possible outcomes during the planning phase.

We service our clients with the following front-end planning activities:

  • Options analysis
  • Scope definition and boundaries
  • Life-cycle cost analysis
  • Cost and schedule estimate
  • Site investigation
  • Environmental analysis
  • Process design
  • Initial equipment design
  • Site layout
  • Project execution approach, including project control plan
  • Procurement plan
  • Preliminary design documents

Independent research, across hundreds of project and billions of dollars in capital spend, proves that effective front-end planning delivers up to 10% in cost improvements, 7% in schedule performance and 5% in reduced change orders.

Over 90% of major capital projects in heavy industry experience significant cost overruns and delays

During execution, effectively managing engineering, procurement and construction is the key to controlling cost overruns and schedule delays. We collaborate with our clients using modern management techniques that include Lean Construction and Integrated Project Delivery approaches that are purpose fit to each project.

We provide our clients with improved project execution outcomes through the provision of the following services:

  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Estimate, Cost and Budget Management
  • Plan and Schedule Management
  • Risk Management
  • Engineering Management
  • Quality Management
  • Change Management
  • Contracts Management
  • Document Management
  • HSE Management

Every project is different. Independent research shows that by applying the right execution methodology, project outcomes are improved.

Industry benchmarking data indicates that commissioning/startup (CSU) performance often falls far short of expectations because of deficient CSU planning and execution efforts.

Commissioning does not start at the end of a project, but starts in the planning and execution phases. It is important that all key project stakeholders support CSU planning at the beginning of a project to ensure a successful transition to operations.

We work with clients to develop and implement all the required tasks in order to move a project seamlessly from execution to operations.

These services include:

  • Cost Estimation
  • Plan/Schedule
  • Control/Coordination
  • Logistics and Infrastructure
  • Configuration Management
  • Document Control/Support
  • QA/QC
  • Contract/Procurement Management
  • Vendor Support/Coordination
  • Asset Management Support
  • HSE/Safety Coordination
  • Material Coordination
  • Component/Systems Commissioning
  • Operations Training
  • Maintenance Planning

No matter what phase your project is in, you need to think about the commissioning phase from the beginning. By not leaving this crucial phase to the last minute, projects mitigate the risk of a potential project disaster.

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