Pride Month 2024: Together let’s celebrate the month of love, acceptance, and freedom.

Pride month is celebrated throughout the month of June to celebrate 2SLGBTQ+ culture, and to support 2SLGBTQ+ rights. This month and throughout the year PTAG celebrate and stands in solidarity with our 2SLGBTQ+ community.

At PTAG, we believe equality is a fundamental right, and that distinct backgrounds bring with it unique and different perspectives that help in better business outcomes.

As a symbol of our support, PTAG’s logo will be wearing rainbow colors this month. Through this, we send out a message to our people and community that we are committed on diversity, inclusion and equality and welcome all. We are continuously working in pursuit of making our workplace more inclusive and diverse where everyone feels safe, respected, and proud of their true self.

There are many variations to the acronym used for denoting the identity of gender and sexual minorities and are continuously evolving. This makes choosing the right acronym difficult. At PTAG, we use the acronym 2SLGBTQ+. The reason to place 2S at the beginning lies in the fact that 2S denotes two spirits indigenous people which were the first sexual and gender minority people in North America. We are sensitive towards and respect identities of all the minority communities. There are some other variations of the acronym that exist – LGBTQ2S+, LGBTQI+, LGBT2SQQIA+, etc.

As a 2SLGBTQ+ community over the years, there have been many milestones and increasing support from governments, people, and businesses around the globe. However, the community continues to face challenges. Mental health plays a very important role in a person’s wellbeing. Some of the key contributors to a good mental health of any minority community are social equality, inclusion, freedom from discrimination and accessibility to resources.

What can we all do to support and help the 2SLGBTQ+ community?

  • Familiarize ourselves with their experiences and history.
  • Be humble and show empathy to community members if they share their feelings or experiences.
  • Be sensitive and respect their confidentiality.
  • Let go of homophobia, stereotypes and biases against the community and treat them with equality and encourage others on the same.

At PTAG, our emphasis is to be an environment where all people feel safe, respected, embrace each other’s differences and be their true self.  Openness at our workplace ensures that everyone is heard and seen.

Together let’s celebrate the month of love, acceptance, and freedom. Happy Pride month.

As a symbol of our support, PTAG will be officially using a pride-themed logo on its social media profile throughout the Pride month of 2024.