• Advisory Services

    Advising clients on best practices in governance and execution methodologies

Research has shown that projects that don’t use industry best practices in governance and execution methodologies under-perform by more than 33% compared to industry peers

We perform systematic assessments to help our clients achieve industry leading project governance and execution standards. Our assessments allow clients to understand the current state of their capital project delivery programs, benchmarked against industry peers and best practices. Implementing best practices at the start of a project leads to significant improvement in budget, schedule and business objectives.

Project Management Services includes expertise in:

  • Managed Services:  Project Management, Project Controls, Construction, Quality, Engineering, Risk and Procurement
  • Study and Feasibility Services
  • Owner Representative Services
  • PMO Services
  • Integrated Project Delivery Partners

Advisory Services at project initiation and planning include:

  • Program Assessments
  • Governance and Execution Methodology Assessments
  • Benchmarking Assessments
  • Risk Assessments
  • Contracting Strategy Assessments
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Front End Planning Reviews

Implementing effective governance in advance of project execution reduces project risk and execution delays.

Keeping up with changes and revolutionary upheavals is challenging for most companies, especially during project execution.

Relying on outdated and fixed processes places project performance behind industry norms. Making material changes to major capital projects while they are in full execution can be like changing a tire on a Formula One race car at top speed. Our proven approach ensures that opportunities for improvement are highlighted as soon as they are discovered and are implemented quickly with minimal disruption.

Working with our client’s business and project management teams, we implement improvements through services that include:

  • Project Performance Reviews
  • Pre-execution Readiness Reviews
  • Cold-Eye Reviews of Strategy, Contractual and Construction challenges
  • Claims/Change Management Reviews
  • Project Controls Reviews
  • Risk Management Reviews
  • Safety Management Reviews
  • Quality Management Reviews
  • Documentation Management Reviews

Reviewing your project at multiple points in the execution phase enables you to discover problems before they escalate.

Successful capital project investment depends on successful project commissioning and startup.

There are 16 critical success factors that must be coordinated to ensure successful commissioning and start up. At a high level, these factors focus on leadership, team alignment, integration, collaboration, capability, success criteria, interface management, recognition of value drivers, planning, funding for planning, CSU systems-focus, support tools, and information.

Our services include assessments and recommendations of the following critical success factors:

  • Critical Interfaces on Brownfield Projects
  • Adequate Funding for CSU
  • Alignment among Owner PM’s, Operations, CSU, Engineering, and Construction
  • CSU Leadership Continuity
  • System Milestone Acceptance Criteria and Deliverables
  • CSU Systems Engineering during FEED
  • Recognition of CSU Sequence Drivers
  • Detailed CSU Execution Plan
  • Systems-focus in Detailed Design
  • CSU Check-sheets, Procedures, and Tools
  • CSU Team Capability
  • Integrated Construction/CSU Schedule
  • Accurate As-built Information
  • Transition to Systems-based Management
  • Collaborative Approach to Construction-CSU Turnover

Assessing your CSU program leads to improved capital project outcomes.

Integrated Project Delivery Services

Project Professionals

Delivering results in Planning, Execution and Commissioning with experienced professionals

Advisory Services

Assessing and improving execution methodologies and governance with industry leading practices

System Services

Supporting project professionals and enforcing execution and governance with integrated systems

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