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    Providing comprehensive Project Management Information Systems Consulting

Too many projects are unable to answer simple questions: “How much has been spent?”, “Why has the forecast changed?” and “Are we on schedule?”

Capital project execution involves the processing of massive amounts of data within and across many interfaces. Most organizations have a dozen or more applications at various stages of implementation and integration that struggle to meet the most basic requirements. We evaluate our client’s existing project systems to determine their capacity and capability to support their projects, making the necessary recommendations so that all project questions can be answered fully, in real time.

Developing a comprehensive Project Management Information Systems “PMIS” is critical to successfully planning and executing a multi-billion-dollar capital program. We provide analysis and clarity to help our clients make the fundamental upgrades required to their existing systems with the following services:

  • PMIS Maturity Benchmarking
  • Current Project Applications Assessments
  • PMIS Requirements Definitions
  • Implementation Roadmaps

Project requirements change, are your systems integrated to support your governance and professionals throughout the entire project lifecycle?

Looking backward over the last 6-8 weeks to make decisions going forward is the current reality that most capital projects face today

Project teams are continually being asked to do more with either the same or fewer resources. To make matters worse, traditional project management tools have not kept pace with the evolution of modern capital projects. Every client starts from a different point of departure. While they may make similar investments in Project Management Information Systems, their investments need to be customized for successful implementation.

We focus on optimizing our client’s investments by providing the following services:

  • Architectural Design
  • Existing System Upgrades
  • System Selection & Procurement
  • System Implementations
  • Process & Workflow Optimizations
  • Corporate & Operations Application Integration

Optimizing and integrating these systems allows for a seamless flow of project information that is available to all project stakeholders in real time.

Ever evolving regulatory requirements demand more and more capital project design and as built data as the basis from which capital assets are safely operated and maintained

Most organizations struggle with providing their project teams with accurate data during the execution phase, let alone having that data available at project turnover in a timely manner. When project systems are implemented, according to best practices, project information is seamlessly disseminated across all project disciplines daily in real time. Corporate, operations, community and regulatory stakeholders require the same timeliness with respect to delivery of project design and as built data at project turnover.

We provide the following project management information services to assist our clients in meeting their project turnover obligations:

  • 3rd-Party Data Integration
  • Integration to Corporate & Operations Applications
  • Integration & Delivery to Regulatory & Community Agencies
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance
  • Training

As project phases start and end, project professionals come and go. Having project information captured at each step is becoming mandatory for successful project delivery.

Integrated Project Delivery Services

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Delivering results in Planning, Execution and Commissioning with experienced professionals

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Assessing and improving execution methodologies and governance with industry leading practices

System Services

Supporting project professionals and enforcing execution and governance with integrated systems

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