Video Recap – Nov 19th encore webinar Force Majeure Management with updated content.

PTAG’s Managing Director, Michael Dubreuil, will present an updated, encore webinar on Force Majeure ManagementDuring COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery.
[originally recorded November 19, 2020]

The New Normal requires “new ways” of operating that requires all parties; Owners, Consultants, Contractors, Engineers, and Equipment Suppliers to find new and innovative ways of optimizing cost and schedule to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and work towards a sustainable recovery.

Excusing a party from its contractual obligations for a force majeure event is the exception. “Contract liability is strict liability. It is an accepted maxim that pacta sunt servanda, contracts are to be kept.

This discussion explores three fundamental methods to help ensure that as projects resume – the threats to safety, quality schedule and cost are minimized and opportunities for improvements in each of these core areas are explored and realized.

These methods are:

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