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It’s a Good Day to Be Indigenous, by Amanda Kahgee

By Amanda Kahgee

National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada is a day for many Canadians to learn about the country’s Indigenous Peoples; First Nations, Inuit, and Metis. It is an opportunity to learn about their histories and cultures.  However, for many of Canada’s Indigenous peoples, like myself, it is a reminder of our resilience to overcome the adversities of colonialism, oppression, and assimilation. It is a day for us to reclaim our identities through practicing our culture, ceremonies, experiences, and stories. It represents hope for our people’s future and the healing of our nations, and generations.

Focus on: Ugo Santone, Partner – Professional Services

Ugo started his career with PTAG in November 2012, after having spent more than a decade as a Human Resources and Talent Management professional in the EPC, Engineering Consulting and Construction Industry. Ugo began pursuing his MBA degree in 2010, after consultations with Executives at a former employer Shaw Energy & Chemicals. Ugo enrolled with at the University of Fredericton, in their online MBA program. After a promising start, Ugo had to postpone his studies for health reasons. Ugo had chronic kidney disease, which was leading to kidney failure. After a year of dialysis treatment in 2013, Ugo had successful kidney transplant surgery in February 2014, thanks to his Sister being a 100% match as a donor. Throughout this period of illness, treatment, surgery and recovery, PTAG supported Ugo and his family along the way. PTAG provided support and flexibility to Ugo while he was receiving dialysis treatment and continuing to work. PTAG continued to support Ugo throughout his 3 month recovery period from surgery.

Video Recap – Nov 17th Webinar – How to Plan and Execute Capital Projects in Volatile and Uncertain times.

Join PTAG’s principals Feroz Ashraf and Michael Dubreuil for a special 90min webinar on How to plan and execute Capital Projects in volatile and uncertain times. This extended 90min webinar will be direct and to the point providing practical and validated examples pertinent to planning and restarting your capital projects.