CNA Annual Conference 2023

PTAG is proud to be a Silver Sponsor for the Canadian Nuclear Association’s (CNA) Annual Conference in Ottawa from February 22 to 24.

We’ll be excited to discuss this year’s theme, “Canada’s Global Leadership” with some of the world’s leading nuclear industry professionals.

“Strengthening Canada’s role as a global leader in nuclear technology and innovation.”

Canadian nuclear energy is enjoying a surge of momentum not seen in over a decade. New projects are being announced and financed. The public is increasingly supportive of nuclear power. The promise of nuclear energy for meeting Canada’s energy and climate goals, as well as its international market opportunities, is increasingly understood by governments at all levels.

As part of PTAG’s long-term industry commitment to support more new and young people joining the Nuclear industry, PTAG will be leading two initiatives during the conference:

  • Already underway, we have designed and are delivering 8 sessions that help the nearly 100 students attending the conference make the most of the experience as they meet potential employers for the first time
  • In collaboration with Ontario Tech University’s TALENT group, we have designed and will facilitate the speed dating format “Talent Collider,” which brings those new to the industry with Senior Executives

Visit us in the main lobby at our booth (#207) to learn more about how PTAG is helping the nuclear industry deliver projects successfully.


Industrial Integrated Project Delivery Implementation (I2PD)

In case you missed it, watch Michael Dubreuil and Bruce Burwell ’s panel discussion about Industrial Integrated Project Delivery Implementation (I2PD) from the 2022 Construction Industry Institute‘s Annual Conference in Cleveland, Ohio.

To learn more about Industrial Integrated Project Delivery Implementation (I2PD), please reach out to either Bruce or Michael:

Michael Dubreuil
Managing Partner, PTAG Inc.
Bruce Burwell
Partner, Capital Projects, PTAG Inc.

Improving Project Performance through Proactive Supplier Engagement

In case you missed it, watch Michael Dubreuil’s panel discussion about Improving Project Performance through Proactive Supplier Engagement from the 2022 Construction Industry Institute‘s Annual Conference in Cleveland, Ohio.

2022 CII Annual Conference

The Conference Banner

PTAG is proud to be the Silver Sponsor for this years CII Annual Conference in Cleveland

Visit PTAG in the Exhibitor Showcase

Take in Michael Dubreuil’s panel on Collaborative Contracting

All relevant collaborative contracting strategies (I2PD, IPD, and Alliancing to name a few) have adopted early supplier engagement as one of their fundamental methods to improve project performance. You won’t want to miss this expert panel discussion on the importance of early supplier engagement and the adoption of innovative technical improvements. Experience a conversation between the industry’s leading service and solutions providers about how to be successful at proactive engagement with your supply chain.

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Moderated by
  Michael Dubreuil  
Michael Dubreuil
Chief Executive Officer
PTAG, Inc.


  Keith Churchill    
Keith Churchill
Chief Innovation Officer
Bechtel Corporation

Ashuhan Dogan  
Ashuhan Dogan
Global Product Manager – Sustainability Strategy and Marketing
Hilti Corporation

Jeff Houtz    
Jeff Houtz
Supply Chain Manager
Wood Group
Shannon DaCosta
Shannon DaCosta
Advanced Work Packaging Canada Regional Manager
Fluor Corporation
Ernie Maschner 
Ernie Maschner
Vice President of Global Water
Victaulic Company

  Paul Vranesic    
Paul Vranesic
Project Director, Northeast Water Purification Plant
Houston Waterworks Team

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2022 CII Annual Conference

August 1-3, 2022  •  Cleveland, Ohio

Get to know PTAG’s speaker:

Michael’s Profile

PTAG Team partners with 360ºKIDS to help prepare the yards at their two youth shelter homes in Markham, Ontario.

PTAG values the communities that we live and work in. We are committed to extending our support to social causes and we encourage our employees to be involved in local social responsibility initiatives.

Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to volunteer preparing the yards for the fall season at two youth shelter homes through 360ºKIDS in Markham, Ontario.  360ºKIDS is a community organization assisting homeless youth in York Region for decades.

This volunteering drive was spearheaded by PTAG resident gardeners Michael Dubreuil (Managing Partner) along with Basil Mocherniak (Director of Operations) and Shannon Sahota (CFO) bringing with them their extensive experience and passion for gardening.  Their energy and experience guided the team on various aspects of the job. “It was a great learning and a fulfilling experience.” said one of our young associates.

Putting aside their day jobs the PTAG team spent the entire day bringing back the charm to these homes.   When we arrived we were met with a mini jungle — bit by bit we dug in and started cleaning. The outcome was very fulfilling, and we all felt touched by the feedback received from the caretakers of these homes.

We at PTAG harbour a very open work environment, where people are encouraged to interact and learn from each other keeping aside their professional hierarchy. We believe this helps us nurture talent and prepare leaders for tomorrow. Volunteering days are a fantastic example of this.

See the before and after photos.

To know more about 360ºKIDS visit their website:

Join us for a panel discussion on Successes and Developments in Large Energy Projects at the Canadian Nuclear Association’s virtual conference.

PTAG is pleased to participate at Canadian Nuclear Association’s (CNA) virtual conference and Trade Show, a premier event for Canada’s nuclear industry. Now in its 22nd year, the event regularly attracts over 850 attendees from industry, government, and academia. The theme of CNA2021 is “Leading Innovations to Achieve a Net-Zero World.” PTAG’s thought leader Michael Dubreuil will be in a panel discussion on Successes and Developments in Large Energy Projects with other industry leaders to look at the success of two very large energy projects that have experienced great success using some of the new methods and principles on collaboration and integration.

Canada’s two largest nuclear projects refurbishing – Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) Darlington Unit 2 and Bruce Power’s MCR Unit 6 are examples of the use of collaboration and integration methods to improve planning and execution on large complex energy projects.

Large capital projects are inherently risky and notorious for incurring significant cost and schedule overruns.  In August of 2018, at its annual conference in Indianapolis the Construction Industry Institute (CII) published its two years of research on collaborative contracting resulting in Integrated Industrial Project Delivery (I2PD) that provides a structured framework for rigorous implementation of nine principles and twenty-one methods to support intense collaboration and integration on large scale industrial projects. Industry results going back thirty years show that these principles and methods are proven to improve project success rates across all key performance areas including quality, safety, and early schedule and cost certainty.

The panelists will look at the success of the first stage of OPG’s Darlington Unit 2 refurbishment and the Bruce Power’s Life-Extension Program and MCR Project using some of these principles and methods. They will also discuss growing industry support for I2PD, and some of its core Principles and Methods such as Lean tools, integrated schedules and estimates, pooled contingencies, collaborative decision-making, and shared risks and rewards.  

The topic for Panel Discussion: Successes and Developments in Large Energy Projects


  • Michael Dubreuil – Managing Partner, PTAG Inc.
  • Jeff Phelps – VP, Major Projects, Bruce Power
  • Greg Thede – VP, Nuclear Strategy & Business Development, AECON Nuclear
  • Subo Sinnathamby – Senior VP, Nuclear Refurbishment, Ontario Power Generation
  • Eric Gould – Partner, Modus Strategic Solutions

Wednesday, September 15th, 2021
13:15 CST / 14:15 EST / 11:15 PST

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If you would like to learn more about Integrated Industrial Project Delivery (I2PD) please contact PTAG.

Join this conference to explore the leading-edge projects and technologies that are poised to make Canada’s nuclear industry an indispensable part of our clean energy future. While CNA2021 will take place in a virtual space, you can still expect plenty of opportunity to network with industry leaders and peers.

Significantly improve project delivery time and quality by attending a free webinar on Industrial Integrated Project Delivery (I2PD) with a supporting case study. Includes validated learnings and potential future benefits to the industry.

PTAG’s I2PD subject matter experts Bruce Burwell and Michael Dubreuil will be presenting a case study for the implementation of the Construction Industry Institute’s (CII) emerging best practice – The Industrial Integrated Project Delivery or I2PD on a major owner’s pilot project.

I2PD model is a project delivery method that uses high levels of collaboration and integration amongst construction project owner and their contractors and suppliers in key construction phases and has proven to significantly improve the delivery time and quality.

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) Community of Practice is hosting a free webinar on Wednesday, July 21st at 4:00 PM CDT on an Industrial Integrated Project Delivery (I2PD) with a supporting Case Study. The presentation will include validated learnings and potential future benefits that it can bring to the industry.

Wednesday, July 21st, 2021
4pm CDT / 5pm EST / 2pm PST

Register today to attend the free live community webinar.

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If you would like to learn more about I2PD please contact us.

Get to know our speakers:

PTAG team delivers a number of great assists volunteering alongside fellow nuclear supply chain colleagues at the Peel “Hockey Hub” Mass Vaccination Site.

Bruce Power and a coalition of organizations, unions and businesses came together to establish the hub in collaboration with the Region of Peel to provide the region greater capacity to deliver more vaccines in the race against the COVID-19 variants. Bruce Power also supported the establishment of three Hockey Hubs operated by the Grey Bruce Health Unit.

The region of Peel is a COVID-19 hotspot and home to several of our PTAG staff. Being committed to serving the communities in which we work, PTAG staff stepped up to volunteer at the Peel site, offloading logistics tasks from the stretched Health Care workers.

CII Contract Strategy Virtual Summit – 2021, June 28th and the 29th

Our thought leaders Bruce Burwell & Michael Dubreuil will be featured subject matter experts on June 28th and the 29th as the Construction Industry Institute (CII) present their first-ever Contract Strategy Virtual Summit, focused on exploration of – and recommendations around – traditional and collaborative contracting models for the construction project owner and their contractors and suppliers.

Find out more here:

Webinar Recap – Mar 30th: Using Technology and Industry Best Practices to Achieve Real-time Progressing

Listen in to this video recap, as Bob Brown, PTAG’s Partner for Project Management Information Systems, delivers this direct and to the point session providing practical and validated examples pertinent to Using Technology and Industry Best Practices to Achieve Real-time Progressing.

This is the recap video recording of the webinar which was originally recorded on March 30, 2021.

For more Session detail, please visit:

Projects across every industry are shifting towards digital data collection to provide real-time information. The global pandemic has increased this need and pushed for rapid adoption.

Careful data analysis is crucial for projects to truly understand performance. But the analysis is only as good as the data that is in the system. If a project is dealing with a two-day delay before paper reports are entered into a system, they are not making informed decisions. When a project manager leverages technology to capture data at the workface, they have the ability to address problems before they arise. This insight is increasingly valuable when coupled with analytical benchmarking, which allows projects to compare themselves with their peers and competitors.

Bob discusses how leveraging technology and best practices lead to faster decision making and project performance improvement. Addressing data collection at the workface, using systems to provide meaningful insights, dealing with multiple shifts data, mitigating COVID-19 impacts, and reducing rework.

Join PTAG to discuss how leveraging technology and best practices lead to faster decision making and project performance improvement.
  • Addressing data collection at the workface
  • Systems to provide meaningful insights
  • Dealing with multiple shifts data
  • Mitigating COVID-19 impacts
  • Reducing rework

Interested in downloading the slide deck? Click here for Direct Download