Webinar Recap –Digital Transformation: Automating Field Reporting & Progressing– September 20 at CIM MEMO 2022

Digital Transformation: Automating Field Reporting & Progressing

Listen in to this video recap as PTAG industry thought leaders, Feroz Ashraf, and Bob Brown, discuss Digital Transformation, Automating, Field Reporting & Progressing.

This is the recap video of the session presented in Sudbury at the CIM | Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (MEMO 2022) on September 20, 2022.

The global pandemic has created a challenge to measure and record progress at mining construction sites. In particular, remote mining sites have been hard hit. This is due to physical restrictions and constraints at the site to limit the number of workers or staff compounded by testing and vaccination requirements and administration, “social distancing” and PPE requirements, and minimization of physical interactions and face-to-face meetings. The mining industry is challenged by travel restrictions, fluctuating commodity prices, and supply/demand and delivery issues accentuated by the pandemic.

It is evident from global responses to date that companies with high digital maturity and utilization have done significantly better than others who have relied on manual or semi-manual systems. There is a serious need within the industry to rethink and re-invent to improve productivity and resulting performance. An easy solution is to set up an “integrated” digital system that will capture the project data and provide reliable and real-time data on the project’s performance. Typically, contractors provide weekly updates, and it takes another week to consolidate and integrate the data.

This presentation discusses how leveraging current technology and industry best practices will lead to faster, better-informed decision-making and project performance improvement. Results of case studies presented and show how to address data collection at multiple levels at the work site using hand-held portable devices to provide meaningful insights, productivity measurements, and multiple shift data, mitigating COVID-19 impacts and reducing rework and change orders.

 In summary, the presentation presents simple steps to implement such solutions and how owners can leverage easy-to-implement technology and best practices to provide faster decision-making and project performance improvement.