Webinar Recap – (Session 2) The Importance of Front-End Planning Leveraging Industry Best Practices

Listen in to this PART TWO video recap, as PTAG principals Feroz Ashraf and Michael Dubreuil deliver a brief 1hr online webinar on the Importance of Front-End Planning and Leveraging Industry Best Practices for Project Management.

This is the recap video recording of Session Two which was originally recorded September 29, 2020.

Session 2’s Agenda:

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Globally, an increased focus on health, safety, environmental, and regulatory requirements is impacting project costs, all while the pressure to maintain project objectives to meet tighter budgets, schedules and quality requirements exists. It is becoming imperative to rigorously plan and define the projects well, the ability to do so is defining company and project teams success
Join us, as Senior PTAG practitioners walk you through practical step by step approaches and strategies covering the following topics:

These sessions are part of PTAG’s ongoing webinar series on Best Practises in Project Management & Project Controls. PTAG works with sustaining and capital projects owners around the world and is passionate about ensuring the successful delivery of every project, especially in this ever growing complex and uncertain environment.

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