Free Webinar on Next Gen AWP: How Does Contracting Impact Project Performance?

CII’s NextGen (formerly AWP+Lean) series of webinars has addressed many best practices leveraged across the different industries that contribute to improvements in Project Delivery. Consistently, the degree to which they drive success is partially shaped by the contracting strategy, type of contracts selected, and the underlying relationships.

Join PTAG’s Mark Guy, along with CII colleagues Gary Fischer and Will Lichtig, as they share insights on addressing the growing interest in adopting contracts aimed at enhancing collaboration, driving deeper integration, reducing shared risk across the collective project enterprise, and improving overall performance. This session will feature three highly regarded professionals with diverse and distinctive perspectives to discuss important, but often overlooked, impacts of contracting. 

The conversation will offer key insights about project risk, culture and reliable performance. Expect to hear some great stories to illustrate key points. Whether your new to AWP, Lean, or Operations Science or a seasoned practitioner, please mark your calendars and join us for an entertaining conversation.

Webinar Overview:

Date: Monday, February 12, 2024

Time: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST

Location: Online Webinar

Key Speakers:

Mark Guy, Senior Advisor of Project Management at PTAG

Mark Guy is a PTAG Senior Advisor, Project Management who brings over 40 years of power generation experience covering project management, engineering, construction, operation, plant rehabilitation and collaborative facilitation. During his career at Ontario Power Generation, Mark managed many major capital projects to install new system equipment at the Pickering and Darlington stations, including the Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment (DNR) project and early planning for the SMR project. Mark has experience negotiating and managing EPC contracts, and attaining results through collaborative facilitation.

Gary Fischer, Executive Director of the Project Production Institute

Gary’s background includes responsibility for Chevron’s project management system as well as his current role as Executive Director of the Project Production Institute (PPI).  He will bring a unique perspective shaped by years of energy mega—projects around the world and his new passion for bringing Operations Science to our industry.

Will Lichtig, Executive Vice President Performance & Innovation at The Boldt Company

Will not only has extensive experience in leveraging collaborative forms of agreements and Integrated Project Delivery with Owner and Contractor organizations, but has been a driving force within the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) for many years, including as the developer of the Integrated Form of Agreement (IFOA).