Project Objective Setting

In nearly every project, internal teams and parties will work towards an objective to satisfy their stakeholders and the project owner. This objective may be loosely defined by the project owner, but to accomplish the goals will require alignment of the internal teams’ objectives.

Human Performance Tools – Phonetic Alphabet

This 1-Page summary provides a quick Reference Guide of the code words used for each letter and their pronunciation.  The 26 code words in the NATO phonetic alphabet are assigned to the 26 letters of the English alphabet in alphabetical order:

Project Change Management

Change happens in projects, it is unavoidable. Changes on projects are often perceived as a negative, Scope Creep, Overruns, delays, poor performance, however, not all changes are negative.  Read more on our site.

Corrective Action

Corrective Action is an improvement or series of improvements to an Organization’s business processes and procedures to correct the root cause(s) of a non conformance and to prevent their recurrence.

Sign-up Open: The Importance of Front-End Planning and Leveraging Industry Best Practices

Join Feroz Ashraf and Michael Dubreuil for a two-part Webinar. Each 1hr session will be direct and to the point providing practical and validated examples on the Importance of Front-End Planning and Leveraging Industry Best Practices.

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Globally, an increased focus on health, safety, environmental, and regulatory requirements is impacting project costs, all while the pressure to maintain project objectives to meet tighter budgets, schedules and quality requirements exists. It is becoming imperative to rigorously plan and define the projects well.  The ability to do so is defining company and project teams success

Join us, as Senior PTAG practitioners walk you through practical step by step approaches and strategies covering the following topics:

Session One – 1:00 to 2:00 pm EDT, September 22nd:

  1. Understand the top 8 reasons why projects go off-track
  2. Examine how Front-End Planning and a rigorous staged-gate process is crucial
  3. Learn how and when to use Construction Industry Institute (CII) Front-End Planning tools, such as the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) to determine the “state of readiness” and “maturity level” of your project.
  4. Review how to assess the Project Complexity Index and Maturity Levels– and to adapt the Execution Plan accordingly
  5. Determine why Initial Project Set-up, Team Alignment and a focussed List of Deliverables are important

Session Two – 1:00 to 2:00 pm EDT, September 29th (will build on our first session)

  1. Review why a consistent Project Controls and Risk Analysis methodology is critical
  2. Learn how a simplified, interactive Project Management & Project Controls Handbook – is a key to Project Management and Delivery Success
  3. Quick review of Value Engineering and Value Improvement Practices
  4. Look into Integrated Project Management Structure and Systems – I2PD
  5. Understand why an Integrated Project Execution Plan (IPEP) is a roadmap to success
  6. Bring it all together, the PTAG Playbook for successful project execution.

These sessions are part of PTAG’s ongoing webinar series on Best Practises in Project Management & Project Controls. PTAG works with sustaining and capital projects owners around the world and is passionate about ensuring the successful delivery of every project, especially in this ever growing complex and uncertain environment.

Advanced Work Packaging

Advanced Work Packaging is the process of defining project scope into manageable work packages early in the project lifecycle to ensure efficient execution of the project.

Risk Management and Risk Mitigation

This 1-Page summary gives you a downloadable quick Reference Guide of the fundamentals of project risk management and mitigation.

How To: Categorize, Analyze and Report Project Construction Delays

Construction Delays are unplanned events that happen during both work planning and execution that result in a cost and/or schedule variance to the original project plan. Delays can impact your project cost and extend your project delivery schedule.