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Case Study: Implementing a Change Management Strategy

Owners, designers, and construction contractors know that when faced with change, problems that hinder project success is inevitable if not expected.
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Safety Series: Being Prepared for Avalanches

Winter is around the corner and the biggest hazards during this time are avalanches. When working in northern, mountainous regions, it is important to be aware of and prepared for this hazard.
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Safety Series: How to stay safe during a Tsunami

If you’re working on a project off-shore or near coastal areas, ensure you are aware of the tsunami evacuation plan.
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Working as a P.Eng. in Nuclear

We recently collaborated with the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers to write this blog post.
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Safety Series: What to do in the event of an Earthquake

The most important part of earthquake emergency planning is the preparation beforehand, which you should be notified during your health & safety training.
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PTAG at the Construction Industry Institute's Annual Conference

700-800 industry professionals from around the globe gathered to learn what CII research and products can do for organizations that own or construct capital facilities.
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