Webinar Recap –Digital Transformation: Automating Field Reporting & Progressing– September 20 at CIM MEMO 2022

Digital Transformation: Automating Field Reporting & Progressing Listen in to this video recap as PTAG industry thought leaders, Feroz Ashraf, and Bob Brown, discuss Digital Transformation, Automating, Field Reporting & Progressing. This is the recap video of the session presented in Sudbury at the CIM | Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (MEMO 2022) […]

Join the presentation on the spectrum of approaches to Contract Strategy at CII’s AWP + Lean Virtual Summit to learn various contracting strategies that can provide the most benefit in either your Advanced work packaging or Lean project scenarios.

Construction Industry Institute (CII) is presenting its first-ever CII AWP & Lean Summit focused on the exploration of (and recommendations around) aligning and combining Advanced Work Packaging and Lean Construction approaches for effective and efficient integrated project delivery.
PTAG’s Partner for Capital Projects, Bruce Burwell will be discussing contracting approaches available that incorporate Advanced Work Packaging alongside Mr. John Strickland, Project Delivery Leader at Burns & McDonnell who will focus on approaches with a Lean Construction perspective on September 29th, 2021.

Join us for a panel discussion on Successes and Developments in Large Energy Projects at the Canadian Nuclear Association’s virtual conference.

PTAG is pleased to participate at Canadian Nuclear Association’s (CNA) virtual conference and Trade Show, a premier event for Canada’s nuclear industry. The theme of CNA2021 is “Leading Innovations to Achieve a Net-Zero World.” PTAG’s thought leader Michael Dubreuil will be in a panel discussion on Successes and Developments in Large Energy Projects with other industry leaders to look at the success of two very large energy projects that have experienced great success using some of the new methods and principles on collaboration and integration.

Significantly improve project delivery time and quality by attending a free webinar on Industrial Integrated Project Delivery (I2PD) with a supporting case study. Includes validated learnings and potential future benefits to the industry.

PTAG’s I2PD subject matter experts Bruce Burwell and Michael Dubreuil will be presenting a case study for the implementation of the Construction Industry Institute’s (CII) emerging best practice – The Industrial Integrated Project Delivery or I2PD on a major owner’s pilot project. The presentation include validated learnings and potential future benefits that it can bring to the industry. This free webinar is hosted by Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) Community of Practice on Wednesday, July 21st at 4:00 PM CDT.

PTAG Presentation for CURT® Lean Project Delivery Summit on 2021, May 3rd on Industrial IPD (I2PD) Application vs Traditional IPD Approach

Bruce Burwell, PTAG’s Partner for Capital Projects, presented a direct and to-the-point presentation on Industrial IPD Application vs Traditional IPD Approach at the Construction Users Roundtable CURT® Lean Project Delivery Summit. The presentation talks about the difference in approaches of Traditional and Collaborative contracting strategies, the evolution of I2DP, its usage, and its implementation.